Espresso with coffee capsules
Research report
25 September 2020

Coffee capsules

The Consumer guide to coffee capsules and capsule waste.

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Annabel C.
04 Oct 2020
Will Nespresso recycle other companies' pods?

Does anyone know what Nespresso does if you put competitors' pods in with what you drop off at their recycling places? I have a large bucketful of a mixture of pods - aluminium, plastic and biodegradable - and want to get rid of them without dumping them in my rubbish.

Keith K.
03 Oct 2020
Pods can be recycled

A local coffee bar collects the pods and them sends them to Nespresso for recycling

Sarah C.
03 Oct 2020
Pods are fully recyclable

For a small cost, you can buy prepaid bags from Nespresso, you simply put in your used pods and hand the bag into the post office. There are also recycle stations in larger centres, so the “waste” from these pods is totally avoidable. I love my Nespresso coffee, and would love it even more if their larger pods were available in New Zealand.

Matt M.
20 Aug 2020
iCafilas #1

I have an iCafilas and it definitely does a great job. Looking forward to your biodegradable pod comparison though, as I feel like the point of a pod machine is convenience (preferably without harming the environment)!

25 May 2022

Hi Matt
Just wondering where you buy the coffee to fill up the pods please?



elaine c.
22 Dec 2019
stainless coffee cups

I recently discovered we could buy re-useable coffee cups in stainless steel which we would top up with our own coffee. It may not be as convenient but is definitely more enviro-friendly. It would be great to read a review of how well they perform compared to a plunger or stove brew.

Susan S.
07 Dec 2019
Coffee capsules

I consider that the lack of responsibility shown by the manufacturers of coffee capsules far outweighs any "convenience" that they offer. They should be outlawed along with single-use plastics!
I was disappointed that you had not pointed out the waste issue more emphatically in the review of coffee machines.

Paul R.
15 Jun 2019

Countdown no longer stock capsules for the Caffitlay machines. They still have the machines on the shelf for $138.00
Briscoes used to stock capsules for Caffitaly but they no longer sell them.
This leaves just one stockist located in Mt Eden, Auckland.

Karen M.
18 Jun 2019

Harvey Norman still appear to have compatiable capsules but without countdown and briscoes caffitaly capsules very hard to come by. Hmmmmm what to do....