Making compost from vegetable leftovers stock.
Research report
8 October 2019

Composting and worm farming

We tested five different at-home food waste methods and dish the dirt on compost and worm farm systems.

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Malcolm W.
13 Nov 2019
Bokashi Bin

I love my Bokashi. It's actually one square bin with holes in the base set into another square bin. Easy to sprinkle 1 tablespoon of the powder over each addition of food scraps and flatten with a potato masher (or similar). As it decomposes, the juice runs into the bottom bucket. I keep it in the pantry and it has no smell at all.

Jenny H.
04 Nov 2019
My composting method

A spade and a small patch of ground - can bury all compostables once a week or as frequently as suits and it's all gone within 3-4 weeks. Low cost and nature does the work.

John G.
28 Oct 2019
The best composter

In 50 years of gardening I've tried all sorts of composters and worm farms. By far the best is the 3-tier Peroplas Earthmaker bin. Excellent moist, friable compost in 3-4 months and as it's a continuous cycle you can have 3 batches at different stages on the go at once. Our council even subsidises them by $100.

Lloyd B.
27 Oct 2019
Council organics collections

Here in Canterbury the majority of residents and businesses can have a cheap or free council "green bin" which goes to a sophisticated council composting system producing quality organic compost and other products. All councils should be compelled to do this.

Gill H.
10 Nov 2019
Compost collection in Canterbury

Sadly, not all councils in Canterbury offer this bin. Mine says too costly.