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27 March 2019

Crackdown on ticket scalpers

New rules on the way to clean up the ticket resale industry.

Price caps on resold tickets are among measures announced by the government to finally rein in ticket scalpers.

We’ve been campaigning for a shake-up of the ticket resale industry and welcome the proposed changes.

Our 2017 investigation, with Australian consumer organisation Choice, found many people had been taken for a ride by ticket resale websites.

Setting a price cap would help protect consumers from being ripped off by websites selling tickets at inflated prices.

It would also help cut scalpers out of the market, while ensuring people with genuine reasons for reselling a ticket could do so.

Other measures announced include requiring sellers to display details of their tickets and a ban on ticket-buying bots. Bots are used to buy large quantities of tickets, which are then resold to consumers at huge mark-ups.

You can help us clean up the ticket resale market by making a submission supporting the law changes. We've got a template submission you can use. Public submissions close on 18 April, 2019.

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