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Updated March 2022

Credit card rates and fees

Find the right credit card and work out whether expensive rewards schemes are worth their cost.

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Eleanor L.
24 May 2022
Platinum upgrades no value, and little rewards - are there traps in Ts & Cs?

ASB recently told us they were upgrading us from Visa Gold to Platinum - at no extra fee! but we found the travel insurance now expires at 75 - no use to us. We changed to Visa Rewards at a lower fee, but your helpful calculator show we would have been better to go to the low fee "Light"
But ASB sent us a new set of Conditions of Use - have they snuck in some tougher conditions, or wound back the protection for stolen cards, and numbers? Does anyone know?
And I see there's no embossing, so merchants can't use the old zip=Zap machine if the power goes off.
And they don't offer to update the firms we have regular "charge to visa" arrangements with, so we're getting complaints "Your payment failed" and having to update details - Sorry Consumer

22 Feb 2020
Using credit card overseas

On the Trip Advisor forums people in other countries, ie the US and Australia, often recommend seeking out a bank whose credit card does not add fees for using the card overseas. Unfortunately we don't appear to have one available in NZ so have to pay the fees.

Previous member
22 Jan 2020

I am trying to get a Platinum Card from ANZ, been banking with them for 30 years, have a good credit rating and sufficient funds to service a credit card, the bank is now asking for my IR3 annual return, never had to supply ever, they cannot supply the policy saying l have to provide it, this is not right.

Michele M.
22 Feb 2020
Banking Ombudsman

Perhaps, with the policy wording to support your claim, you could take this to the Banking Ombudsman.