Do Not Knock

Join our campaign against dodgy door-to-door sellers.

Consumer NZ Do Not Knock.

You can support our campaign against door-to-door sellers.

Join our campaign

  • Put a “Do Not Knock” sticker on your letterbox, front door or any place where it’s visible to people entering the property.
  • Let us know about problems you have with door-to-door sellers – and sellers who ignore your “Do Not Knock” sticker. Email us at
  • Tell your family and friends where they can get a “Do Not Knock” sticker.
  • Support our call to get the law changed so companies which ignore a “Do Not Knock” sticker can be fined.

Get your sticker

Paying members can email to request a sticker.

Non-members who want a sticker can send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to us at: Do Not Knock, Consumer NZ, PO Box 932, Wellington 6140. We’ll put a sticker in the post to you.

We’re also distributing stickers to Citizens Advice Bureaus and making them available through other organisations that want to support the campaign.

Or you can download a printable version of the sticker, available in red (56.1 KB) or black and white (47.7 KB).