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8 June 2014


Most calls are a hassle. Some are scams.

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Mark P.
21 Jun 2015
Try using caller ID

My method is similar to John B's except I just always check caller ID on our phone before answering. If it comes up as a private caller I do not answer, if it is a genuine caller or someone I know who has their number blocked (or is a very odd number with too many digits) they can leave a message and I call them back straight away.

There is the rare cold caller that does not use a number blocker, after the call I save the number on my phone under the name 'Do not answer'.

In our home we have used this method for some years now and gives us a very empowered feeling that we are in control, not them!

Previous member
20 Jun 2015
Block spam calls

Most spam calls are operated from numbers with a hidden Caller ID. Change to a VoIP phone service and block all unknown numbers. Simple and it works, I have very few calls now after getting 3-4 daily due to my number being on websites.

There is a minor problem, but most suppliers are getting over it: Banks and hospitals use caller ID blocking so they can call you in secret, but they are learning to unblock it now - e.g. ASB just unblocked caller id suppression so their managers can call me.

Joseph A B.
20 Jun 2015
nuisance phone calls

Have a sports whistle handy to phone, ask caller to listen carefully and blow whistle as hard as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very satisfying and effective too.