Nest Outdoor security camera on wall
Research report
17 January 2018

First Look: Nest security cameras

After a home security system? Nest's WiFi-connected cameras monitor for motion and sound and record high-quality video to the cloud.

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Murray C.
21 Jan 2018
Wanting to know more

That was an interesting read, and I agree with the privacy thing. However I'm still keen for a self-monitoring outdoor security camera for my property.
I also think the HD video recording is probably overkill for most people - from a security perspective you do want some reasonable quality photos, and you might need to take a bunch in order to get a face.
After reading your article I'm thinking I want the outdoor nest cam, and the monitoring to my phone when an event happens, but I also need the ability to adjust the sensitivity, and I probably only want to take photos, not video. Perhaps there are better options on the market I should be looking at.
Looking forward to a comparison report.

Elizabeth F.
21 Jan 2018
Security cameras and insurance

When I advised my insurer (AA) that I had security cameras which I monitored on my cell phone rather than an audible alarm monitored by a company, their response was that my insurance premiums would cost more. They justified this because "such camera systems are unproven".

Doug M.
20 Jan 2018
Comment on ADT

I also have an ADT alarm, however I am less than satisfied with it and the company's performance. It has sent several false alarms for no apparent reasons which costs me when the patrol comes round. Their billing system leaves a little to be desired.

Additionally I originally also wanted a security camera but they could not get it going blaming my ISP. However I think it is an interaction between the Nortons firewall and my home network. I have no confidence that ADT could configure the camera correctly.

Good secure double glazing has kept the burglars out.