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28 July 2016

Food fraud

With warnings food fraud is on the rise, how can you tell who’s faking it?

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Sue H.
06 Aug 2016
Fake food: flouro orange egg yolks

I have truly free range hens and know what healthy yolks look like. They are a sunny yellow colour. I only need to buy eggs in winter and this year am horrified by the artificial colour. One brand of ""free range"" is the worst. last week I faced a plate of their free range scrambled eggs which were a glowing highlighter orange. How do they do it?? and Why?

Rizwana R.
04 May 2017
Fake food: flouro orange egg yolks

Hi Sue
Hard to know. May simply be due to what they're eating. Unfortunately the quality of food information available to consumers is not even close to us knowing what animals are being fed. For eggs it's essential to know. Not everyone can afford organic. If it's being sold we should know what the chicken, cow, sheep etc is being fed. Too high a standard for our situation in NZ Im afraid.