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24 October 2019

Free-range claims

Just one in five consumers feel sure free-range claims stack up.

More consumers are opting to put free-range produce in their shopping trolleys but better labelling rules are needed to ensure they can make informed choices about what they buy.

We’re calling for a mandatory consumer information standard for free-range claims. The Fair Trading Act provides for these standards to be developed to specify information manufacturers have to disclose to consumers.

We think the standard should require companies to list flock size on packaging. It should also make clear the term “free range” can’t be used unless the hens have regular access to an outdoor range and they use it.

Bottom line: if you’re paying extra for free range, that’s what you should get. Otherwise, you’re paying a premium for nothing.

Support our campaign

If you back our call for better labelling rules, add your name to our list of supporters and help us tell the government the law needs to change. We’ll be taking our message to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Kris Faafoi.