25 March 2022

Heading overseas? Here’s what you need to know before you go

Use our international travel checklist to avoid being caught out

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Elisabeth G.
05 Apr 2022

As of April the first, Canada is no longer requiring pre flight testing.

Glenda H.
26 Mar 2022
RAT tests

Australia has now changed the rule to no RAT test required before departure. This is very recent so I’m not sure whether every state will have the same condition.

Gerard D.
26 Mar 2022
Oz - No Test from 17 April

This change for Australia applies from 17 April 2022 (Easter Sunday - an Easter gift?!). Individual states may still require a test/isolation on arrival.

Doug M.
26 Mar 2022
Valid Passport

Having a valid passport is often not good enough. Many countries you enter want a valid passport that has at least 6 months to go before its expiry date.