July 2022

Hidden food delivery fees risk breaching the Fair Trading Act

Restaurants around the country hike up their food prices when being delivered.

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Lesley M.
16 Jul 2022

Lying pure & simple. This needs to be stopped. Lets hope Comcom do something about these corporate thieves ripping off the public in plain sight!

Ray M.
16 Jul 2022
Lodge a complaint and force ComCom to act

Please lodge a complaint and force the Commerce Commission to do something. This is deceptive, unethical and immoral. I have no issue with extra cost for delivery or even charging people more to get table service. In fact they can rip people off for as many charges as they like as long as they do it honestly and openly.
Like most people I had always operated under the presumption that the delivery fee was the only difference. After all they use the same packaging, ingredients, staff, cooking systems etc. The only cost difference is getting the food delivered.

Eve M.
16 Jul 2022
Dominos big fat liers

I have been questioning dominos non existing delivery fee for years in Wainuiomata branch and asked them when it was never listed in the invoices and but the charge was hidden in the price of the pizza, I was totally gobsmacked when I got the email saying they will now charge a delivery fee , that is a false statement and misleading I would like to see these companies punished for this behaviour

Davina K.
16 Jul 2022
Domino's Trickery

Kia ora, We're so pleased that you've taken this challenge on as so many folk are unaware of this trickery. You're hungry and possibly a bit tired so order some kai without checking. We live on a farm so cannot get anything delivered but last Halloween we were at our daughter's place in Kamo. We ordered, by phone $140 of pizza and sides - there were guests too; we're not hopelessly greedy! The menu had lots of deals with free sides and other offers. On reading the docket I realised that we'd been charged full price for each item. I called them and person freely admitted that as I hadn't specified a deal the full price was charged. We'd paid about $40 extra. I was unable to speak to an apparently busy manager and two feedback emails went unanswered. My homemade pizza are fine and truly customised so we'll dine in a more authentic Italian style on the farm. I know it seems easier to have takeaways but homemade is so good. Here's a positive trick for when you cannot be bothered cooking. Read an imaginary menu based on your pantry supplies. Choose a dish and become Head Chef. Start figuratively rowing your dinghy and before you could have had junk delivered you'll have a deeelicious dinner on the table.

Zoe W.
16 Jul 2022
Hidden costs of delivering a pizza.

I noticed this last night when I ordered 3 pizzas from Dominos. I also noted that while we paid for extra toppings they were not put on the pizza! I find the voucher pizza's are often very short on toppings too! Not impressed with the hidden costs.

Sarah D.
15 Jul 2022
Burger Wisconsin

Just got caught out by this tonight as isolating so couldn’t pick up. The exact same order from Burger Wisconsin cost $24 more on DeliverEasy than the BW website (not including additional $6.99 delivery fee). Outrageous!

Lotte B.
15 Jul 2022
They all do it

Check out Sals pizza and various Indian take away too on Uber. One pizza is $9 more through Uber. Recently I tried to order Indian via Uber. The menu on Uber was $5-8 more per item than on the restaurants website. They also used another delivery service but they had the same prices as the restaurant so I used them. I don’t mind delivery but I don’t want to pay $5.99 plus another $20-30 on top.