How does an electric espresso maker compare to a stovetop model?

We trialled the Leaf & Bean Electric Espresso Maker and compared it to the Pezzetti Bellexpress stovetop moka pot.

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Dean C.
21 May 2022
Sunbeam Cafe Series Twin Pump

After eleven years our first Sunbeam Cafe Series started to fail.
On average we make 3 cups per day, that is a lot of coffees produced .
Upgraded to the latest Sunbeam Cafe series Twin pump and it is even better, being a little more convenient to use.

Jilli A.
21 May 2022
Stay with the best

Simple, down-to-earth, you can't do better than a Bialetti. Frankly, why would you want to?

Michael L.
21 May 2022
Wrong comparison!

A made in Italy Bialetti is the only benchmark for stovetops.
Electric alternative is decidedly second best.