Pile of old broken vacuum cleaners.
17 December 2020

How long are your vacuum cleaners lasting?

Survey finds corded vacs lasting twice as long as cordless models.

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Isabel K.
19 Apr 2022
Miele vacuum cleaner

I have had my Miele corded vacuum for over 25 years and still works well I change the filters regularly

Deborah G.
19 Apr 2022
Miele going strong after nearly 30 years

Your survey only includes vacs that have developed a fault so the reliability index excludes the appliances that keep going like a train. We have a Miele nearly 30 years old that has never needed servicing and has never let us down.

Michelle G.
02 Apr 2022
We love our Sebo

We bought our Sebo 11 years ago and it's still going strong. It was expensive at the time - and is still a relatively expensive vacuum cleaner looking at current prices - but has been well worth the money. The only problem with it is that the bags are relatively expensive.

Bruce & D M R.
05 Feb 2022
Sick Vacuum

My Hoover 2 in 1 stick vacuum has a battery that no longer last as it used to after 5years of daily use. Prior to this I had an Electrolux stick vacuum that ended up with the same problem. I can buy three stick vacuums like the ones mentioned above for the price of a Dyson. I don't see the Dyson lasting three times as long i.e. fifteen years!!

Michael P.
13 Dec 2021
44 year old Tellus...

...is still going strong, at some point we replaced the hose after the dog chewed the original but nothing else has been done to it. It's been relegated to garage duties now after we moved into a two storey house and it's been replaced by a Miele which works just as well but I don't imagine I'll still be singing its praises after 44 years...

Peter d.
08 Nov 2021

We have had a Tellus for 36 years and it's still going strong. Purchased a vax lasted only 6 years back on to the Tellus.

Elizabeth B.
08 Nov 2021
Pullman is long life.

Bought this for work place use over 10 years ago. Its now my preference at home. You can use the permanent bag which is washable, but I prefer the disposable bag which can be bought online from Godfreys. The disposable bag is great when a tidy up of the DIY dust and dirt. It has an extra long cord which is a great and I can vaccum half a house without changing power points.

J W B.
21 Jul 2021
A cleaner that lasts

Consumer has never mentioned nor sought feedback on the Kirby. I bought one for $2200 in 1990 after a home demonstration. That was an exhorbitant sum but I was assured that this was the last vacuum cleaner I would ever need to buy. 31 years later, my Kirby is in perfect condition and performs as well as it did when I bought it.

Julie O.
12 Jun 2021
Dyson stick vac filters

Love using my Dyson stick vac on tile floors every other day. I have a Miele cat & dog for carpeted areas which is amazing that is used weekly. The Dyson’s performance relies heavily on having clean filters, you can only clean them a few times (& they take ages to dry properly) before the vacuum doesn’t really suck as well. Replacements are very pricey when purchased directly from Dyson nz, I queried the expensive nz price with them thinking it was an error. I now purchase from either Dyson Australia or just get the cheap fakes from trademe, they work just as well.

Elizabeth B.
25 Apr 2021

Ultra silencer one of best vaccines to use Shows light receiving power but won’t start. Don’t know who repairs them.

David C.
22 Apr 2021
Nilfisk business

Bought in 1996, so 25 years and going strong without need for repairs after a life that hasn't been easy. The suction is still formidable.

I also have a Tellus steel-bodied shop vacuum that dates from (maybe) the 1980s that has gone in for repairs for the first time ever - and that one was my fault.

Andy B.
22 Apr 2021
Miele just keeps going

Bought our Miele “The Solution” in 1997 in the UK and took it to NZ in 2000. Just keeps going brilliantly. Still good as new. No faults, no repairs.

Karen D.
09 Apr 2021
Miele S247i

I purchased this Miele vacuum cleaner in 1993, so it's 28 years old, and still going strong. What I notice particularly is the sturdy well-constructed components - the attachments show no signs of wear and the hose springs back into shape every time despite being trodden on inadvertently from time to time.

Emily E.
04 Mar 2021
FilterQueen really does last a lifetime

I’ve had mine since 2001. Bought in the UK. Coped with humidity in the tropics for 4 years before coming to NZ 12 years ago. It is serviced regularly. I’ve replaced one or 2 parts, sometimes with refurbished parts. This is not a machine that will end up in landfill. The company prides itself on keeping the machines working

Andrea K.
27 Dec 2020
Miele - full marks for longevity

I have a Miele Cat & Dog that I bought in the UK around 1999-2000. It went flatting with our son for a while, then when he brought it back it became our second vacuum. It was still going strong until recently.

Karen K.
20 Dec 2020
Dyson stick vacuum

I bought a Dyson stick vacuum about a year ago and I have several friends who recommended them to me. It is so easy to use I just love it. A few months ago it wasn’t working as it should & was sent back to Dyson & they replaced the battery. It was all very easy.

Lynette P.
20 Dec 2020
Dyson stick vac

Great machine used daily and have only just replaced after 5 years. The older one is now in the garage for cleaning out there and still goes well.

Rita S.
19 Dec 2020
Corded Vacuum

Our Miele Cat and Dog is approx 9 years old and still a brilliant machine . Sucks well and does a good job. I use it at least 3 times a week and we have a fairly large house. The suction is great without the feeling your arms are being pulled off. It has been faultless requiring no service and yes the cord still automatically rolls in as good as it did when first bought. I have recommended this machine to many people.

Blair A.
23 Dec 2020
Miele S2

Had this for about 5 years. This is as good as the day we bought it. No problems thus far.

Peter d.
19 Dec 2020

We purchased a corded upright vacuum cleaner from godfreys made by vax. It lasted 7 years which wasn't a bad effort. The cord leading into the vaccum must have become loose and that was the end of the vax. We have reverted back to our 32 year old tellus and we are happy to continue with it now.

Pamela S.
19 Dec 2020
Tellus vacuum

I had a Tellus 30+ years still going strong, very strong sucky motor and bags are still available at the supermarket. It is an heirloom now - passed it on to my son and bought a new Nilfisk when I moved house and the cupboard didn't fit my old faithful. Tradies who clean up after their work snatch up old Tellus's they are so hard working and durable.

Christine C.
19 Dec 2020
Nilfisk so reliable

Have had one Nilfisk Action Plus Pet Pack for about 10 years and it's still going as well as ever in a 2 storey house. Bought 2 top model Dyson stick vacuums to try due to apparent popularity and neither lasted a year, threw them out and decided not to waste my money again or add more junk to landfill.. but a cordless Electrolux rapido has been going great for 5 years. For the bach I bought a 2nd hand smaller model Nilfisk Meteor two years ago and again it works like a dream. Have found a reliable corded vacuum like Nilfisk still beats, in performance and reliability, any non-cordred stick vacuums I've tried.

Peter d.
19 Dec 2020

Agree totally

Margaret H.
19 Dec 2020
Dyson Stick Vac

I have one of the earliest Dyson stic vacs, I have had it 4 yrs & is it still going strong. Do have to wash the filter now & again but otherwise ok

Donna B.
20 Dec 2020
Dyson stick vacuum cleaner

My Dyson stick vac is still going well after at least 5 years, and still does a good job. Its main drawback is the size of the dust canister but small and often is a good plan 😊