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8 August 2019

How to fix your washing machine

We explain how to fix six common washing machine faults.

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Adrian and Margaret M.
18 Sep 2019
Spend $50 and a few minutes and keep your old machine

One fault you did not mention that happens with F&P machines is with the small out of balance switch. This results in a 'freeze' of the machine which thinks the drum has an out of balance load. It is an easy fix by undoing the control panel cover and the replacement part is available for about $50 from F&P. These machines self-diagnose. You can find information about fault codes and how to read them, by searching for the manual on the internet.

Paul S.
02 Sep 2019
Be careful when ordering parts online

I have repaired our washing machine a few times. The drain pump was the first thing to go. The actual motor was okay, but the impeller had broken off. I was able to buy a replacement for $35. I would say that anyone with some basic knowledge of electronics should be able to replace it.

The second issue we had was a loud clunking noise on spin. This was a button caught in the drain pump impeller and would occasionally get picked and spun around. On our machine there was a cover on the side of the machine which gives access to the impeller and I was able to see the button and eventually remove it.

When purchasing parts for washing machines, you need to make sure that the replacement part is for the specific model, and even where it states it is for your model, check the dimensions. We bought a lint filter for our machine from homeappliancesonline.co.nz, and when it arrived it didn't fit, despite the website saying it was for our model. The dimesions were slightly different, a few mm out.

Shaun J.
31 Aug 2019
clean washing machine

check with manufacturer, LG told me to use dishwasher powder for LG front loader

Heather Armishaw
31 Aug 2019
Drain/pump in front loaders

One reason for a front loader not draining or spinning is that the drain has something stuck in it - often a hairclip, coin or one of those pesky plastic collar stiffeners. The drain is generally accessible from the front but in opening it, water will pour all over the floor - so have a container handy. One way to minimise this is to tilt the whole machine back a little (not too far, you don't want it to tip right back). The object stopping the small fan from turning can generally be removed with your fingers.

Deborah R.
21 Aug 2019
Do you need to "clean" a washing machine.

I wonder if the proprietary washing machine cleaning fluids being sold at the supermarket are necessary, and if there is a cheap and easy alternative (I've heard some people mention vinegar.

Steven P.
31 Aug 2019
Just run a hot water wash cycle

I just every now and then run a hottest cycle the machine can do with nothing in it.
My washer (a F&P front loader) has a drum clean cycle which runs a very hot 90 Deg C cycle and that dissolves any "gunk" build up.

On a washer without that special cycle;
* choose a high water level (large load)
* max agitation
* hottest water
Allow it to fill, agitate for say 15 minutes and then just advance the program to the end spin cycle.

You could add vinegar but I just use hot water.