Buttered hot cross bun on a plate.
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1 April 2021

How to make hot cross buns in your breadmaker

It wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns.

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The Real John R.
15 Apr 2020
Yeast - a tip

I tried these out in my Consumer recommended Panasonic. I used Tasti brand Fast Acting Breadmaker yeast. After waiting for an hour with the buns sitting in my warm place (the hot water cylinder cupboard) I gave up waiting for a rise. The buns rose during the bake and look great and taste good too. So I'm not sure that the reliable yeast I use to make bread is necessarily the right yeast for this recipe.

Hamish W.
14 Apr 2020

Made in our Panasonic breadmaker - Consumer recommended of course, from around 12 years ago. We did think a bit more all-spice would make them just a little more tasty.

Allison C.
13 Apr 2020
Awesome hot cross buns

I made this hot cross buns recipe in my Sunbeam Quantum breadmaker (a Consumer recommendation over 18 years ago!) and it's the best one I've found. I've tried others but they all turned out too doughy or not enough spice. This one was delicious!