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1 April 2019

What is KiwiSaver?

What you need to know about the work-based retirement savings scheme.

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Susan T.
27 Apr 2019

When a contributor dies does the money in the account go to their estate or......?ö

Consumer staff
29 Apr 2019
Re: Death

Hello Susan,

Yes, the money in a Kiwisaver account will typically go to the person's estate upon their death.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

John R.
01 Dec 2018
After Retirement

It would be good to have an additional section - with advice on and after retirement. Do I draw out all my funds, can I continue to contribute, how to balance these options etc.

Lalita M.
05 Dec 2017
Under 18yr contributors

Why are under 18yr old kiwi saver contributors not given the same tax credit?

Peter M.
20 May 2016
Ethical / Socially Responsible investments

One area Consumer has not addressed here is the ethics of what Kiwisaver providers are investing their, or rather our, money into. A growing number of people are wanting to be sure that their savings are not being invested in unethical industries, whether that be arms manufacturing, nuclear power, fossil fuels, and would also want our money to be invested in positive social goods. However it is very difficult to find information on this. Even those Kiwisaver schemes that do provide some information (the best is the Anglican Church scheme Koinonia and there is also Grosvenor provide information on what they don't invest in, but very little about what they DO invest in. It would be good if Consumer could explore this further.