7 April 2022

Kmart oven basket: an air fryer for $12?

Does the Kmart oven air fryer basket live up to its glowing reviews?

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The Real John R.
11 Apr 2022
MUCH better value than an air-fryer!

I have a copper basket like this that I got on AliExpress. It came with a copper tray in which the basket sits that catches any oil drips and seasonings that fall off the food. My oven's Air Fryer function operates at 200 Fan. Chips and nibbles (such as chicken bites) cook quickly. I take the tray out a couple of times and give everything a good shake and the food comes out perfectly. Grandkids give me plaudits and they would know what is good and what isn't! I doubt my oven consumes much more power than an air fryer, I don't have to find bench storage space for another bit of kit and the trays hide away in the cupboard taking up little space. And you can buy a lot of these trays for the up-to $500 an air fryer costs!

Donald S.
16 May 2022
Cheap as chips?

We have an old Simpson Atlas stove, so elected to buy the Warehouse air fryer for $69. Seems to work fine. Basically a hair dryer running in a box with a basket(?) Does breaded frozen fish very well. Kale sprayed with oil is popular but not raw!
Have room for the air fryer because the espresso maker and other accumulations are off to recycling. IMHO anything over $100 for an air fryer is ridiculous.

07 Apr 2022
Air fry basket

Oven should be 220-230 degrees centigrade and fan bake. Just as quick as an Air Fryer.

R J Kenning
09 Apr 2022
What Temperature?

Centigrade or Celsius?

Ann M.
10 Apr 2022
Centigrade or Celsius Comment title

Centigrade is the same as Celsius

Your Highness
10 Apr 2022

Should you want the temperature in degrees Kelvin, add 273.16 to the temperature in degrees Celsius.