July 2021

Kmart’s Anko window vacuum – does it suck?

In true Kmart fashion, it’s taken a popular product and released an inexpensive version.

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21 Jul 2021
Nz Herald Article says differently?


Barry G.
17 Jul 2021
Marcher battery replacement

It's ironic that you have this comment on Karcher in your email just below the one on "Right to repair".
We bought a Karcher window vac when they first came out. After about 2years the battery failed. When I asked about replacing the battery I was told by Mitre 10 and then Karcher that they can't be replaced... have to buy a new one which has a replaceable battery (the more expensive model... cheaper one was still sealed off).
So I had to buy it. I did pull the old one to bits and located the battery type and bought a new battery online from China...2 actually as the shipping cost was higher than the battery. Poor service...and forced purchase of a replacement.

Kas S.
10 Jul 2021
Windowow! E-Blade

I brought the windowow online through Show TV (The Mount) with all the accessories and although the full price is $200 (ouch) I got it all on special for $99 I have found it really good. Nothing at all like the shape of the Karcher it is T shaped and very light but best part is it comes with a stick you attach to it's bottom so you can get way up high. One of the best investments I brought in a while.

Rosie S.
10 Jul 2021
How is this ethical

How is it ethical for a company to make devices that are utterly useless! Yes it’s cheap but when consumers find they don’t work they will get thrown out meaning precious resources are used to make junk that ends up in landfill. Shame on you Kmart!

Simon N.
12 Jul 2021
I'd recommend taking it back if it doesn't work

If people buy a whatever and it doesn't do what it says on the tin, take it back and ask for a refund. Kmart won't argue with you. Whether it really helps the overall situation is another question of course.... but helps the individual. Shouldn't have to take these gambles, but sometimes they do pay off with a decent product for less.