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Use these draft letters as a guide when you need to put your complaint concerning your vehicle in writing.

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It can be difficult to know how to go about making a complaint. So we’ve put together these templates you can use to help you stand up for your rights. Use these as a guide to complain if your car develops a defect.

How to ask the manufacturer for a repair to a new car still under warranty


[Make, model and registration number of car]

On [date] I bought the above vehicle from [name dealer]. It has developed [describe defect].

I have taken it back to [name dealer and number of times].

The fault about which I originally complained is still present but I am now told that you, as the manufacturers, are not prepared to do any further work under warranty.

There may be some confusion between you and the dealer on this point but now I have brought the problem to your attention I look forward to a prompt and effective repair under my warranty.

Yours sincerely

How to ask a dealer for repairs on a used car


[Make, model and registration number of car]

On [date] I bought the above vehicle from you.

On [date] it developed a fault.

[Describe problems]

I understand I am entitled to expect the things I buy are of acceptable quality. I am sure you will agree that in view of the above problems the vehicle was not of a reasonable standard.

I am prepared to accept a repair of the vehicle at no cost to me. If repairs can be completed quickly and effectively I will consider the matter settled.

Please telephone me to arrange for the repair to be carried out. I consider seven days to be a fair time to have the vehicle back in full working order.

Yours sincerely

How to ask for a repair on a car outside warranty


[Make, model, registration number of car]

On [date] I bought the above vehicle from you. On [date] it developed serious defects [describe].

The warranty has expired but I believe I am still entitled to a free repair because the existence of such a serious defect in a car which has only done [number] kilometres indicates it was not of acceptable quality when I bought it. This opinion has been confirmed by [independent expert such as Automobile Association or reputable motor mechanic].

Ordinary wear and tear could not account for the problem so soon in the life of the vehicle. I am a careful and conscientious owner, as the general condition of the car shows. I have not done anything to the car to cause this defect.

Please let me know as quickly as possible what arrangements you propose for rectifying the problem.

Yours sincerely

Got a problem?

Got a problem?

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Got a problem?

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Aaron M.
04 May 2017
Repairs to used car


I bought a car from an LMVD for $51k. I've had it for just over 12 months. The car required a significant and costly repair ($5k) to the motor. The car was not being used inappropriately. The repair took 2 weeks. I wrote to the car company explaining the circumstances and sought feedback from them in relation to a warranty or CSG. The reply advised that the car was outside of the warranty period as the purchase happened over 12 months ago and the car had travelled over the allowable kms allocated for the car warranty.

I plan to pursue the company and have seen the template letter on the website, which I'll use. I'd still appreciate some expert advice and feedback on how best to approach this. Am happy to speak with someone to provide further details.


Previous member
04 May 2017
Re: Repairs to used car

Hi Aaron,

Sorry to hear about your car. One of our advisers has emailed you for more info to see if you have any rights against the dealer under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Kind regards,
Fonda - Consumer NZ staff