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Research report
31 May 2019

Why do long-life smoke alarms fail early?

We tested samples of 10 different long-life alarms and came up with a theory.

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Gary A.
30 Dec 2021
Consumer test reports ignoring reviews?

The second of two photoelectric smoke alarms has now "died" each after only one year in operation. I wrote a review this evening and noticed that 14 others had all commented on how hopeless the FireAngel units were, with several from back in 2018. Yet Consumer still "Recommend" them? I agree that they may well tick all the boxes during the day or two of lab testing but surely numerous customer complaints must ring alarm bells?

Kathryn J.
16 Jul 2021
Cold effect on lithium batteries

I’ve had a number of 10 year smoke alarms fail. The false warnings tend to happen at night when heaters are off which suggest that the cold temperatures are effecting the lithium batteries voltage at that time.

Brian M.
21 Jun 2021
Battery failure

I’ve had a couple of Cavius 10 year smoke alarms cause issues, but they actually have the date of manufacture on them so no questions asked from the suppliers . Problem? Here is a new one.
Interesting that one in five long life smoke detectors are requiring replacement.
More investigation?

Wal Marshall
27 Jul 2020
Replace batteries

Many 10 year models say the battery is not replaceable. However Ive found the battery on at least some can be replaced after some dismantling. I always give the device a good vacuum out at the same time. They then seem to continue to work OK. Maybe the non replace is just a marketing strategy to get you to buy a new one instead.

Raymond C.
02 Jun 2019
Keeping the receipt tip.

I fold up the receipt and store it between the mounting plate and the detector itself.

Eva P.
06 Jul 2019
Lightbulb moment!

Thanks for sharing that - so simple and practical.
And I don't have to try and remember which folder I saved it to...

John B.
29 Apr 2021
But will the receipt last?

Lots of receipts seem to fade away after a few years