Broken down car
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12 October 2018

Mechanical breakdown insurance

Offered mechanical breakdown insurance with your new car? Our advice: forget about it.

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Andrew G.
12 Mar 2022
Didn't cover everything I thought it would.

I bought a genuine Toyota 4 year warranty cover when I purchased a 2nd hand Suv.
It cost $1700 so you'd expect a decent cover, I claimed for a leaking seal which wasn't an expensive repair. Then 2 years later a Wof said the shock absorbers were leaking, I took it to Toyota and was quoted $2400 for them to be replaced, I thought great, the warranty will cover it.
I was told no the warranty doesn't cover things like shocks. Read the fine print and ask what isn't covered.

Chris O.
19 Feb 2022
No use

I had cause to check one of these insurances years ago. As a fully qualified mechanic, it became very obvious to me that the only things covered were the bits that were very unlikely to fail, and all the things that we normally had to fix at the garage were not covered! They only exist as a perk for the car salesman. Don't fall for it.

Peter Haigh
16 Dec 2018
Great experience with Autosure policies

As an owner of several European vehicles from the 2000s, I've had Autosure policies on all 3 and have been very pleased. Although I'd rather not be making claims at all(!), the policies have more than paid for themselves and the process has been painless. Get the pre-purchase check done, get the regular servicing done (which you should anyway!), understand the policy and USE it. Make sure your garage is an approved repairer for the MBI provider too. The value may not be there if you're running a Corolla but for many other vehicle types MBIs make great sense. Autosure is an excellent provider and I will continue to recommend them.

Graeme M.
13 Nov 2021
Car Dealer?

Sounds like a comment from a car dealer trying to justify an unnecessary product.