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9 May 2018

Is your mobile phone secure?

Too many phones aren’t receiving the updates they need to be secure. Here's what you can do about it.

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Richard S.
01 Jul 2018
OnePlus with Oxygen and Xiaomi On 8.0.0

My wife and I are happy that our two mobiles continue to be updated as she had been bitten by an IPhone model becoming software obsolete in the past.

Also, I was badly bitten by an Apple Ipad in the early days. It was an First Generation model and after four or so years it would not update to the next level and gradually Apps would not work on it. Fortunately its replacement IPAD Mini 2 still continues to get updates and will get IOS 12 OK.

G J M.
10 Jun 2018
Galaxy 5

I just checked my mobile and it's operating Android 6 last downloaded on 18/2/17even though I had it on automatic download. So this doesn't sound good, does it? So what's my next move to get it up to date?

Consumer staff
18 Jun 2018
Re: Galaxy 5

Hi G J M - thanks for your comment.

First check when the last security update was. It should be in roughly the same place you found the info on Android version. Hopefully that’s been updated more recently. If you want to update the operating system you may have to find the files online and do a bit of DIY.

Cheers, Hadyn - Consumer NZ technology writer

Paul W
02 Jun 2018
Updates are fine if you can get them

My wife has a Chinese Miezu Note 2 that she bought about 2015 from PB Tech . It's had one update in that time and running on Android 5.1. I don't think she's had an update since then not even security ones. If you want updates stick to know brands that will give you at least security updates and you don't have to pay anything like a thousand dollars for a new phone . You can get good ones for $400 plus. My $399 Motorola G4 Plus still gets updates.