17 November 2021

My Vaccine Pass: why you should keep your Covid certificate in a digital wallet

Google Pay and Apple Wallet are the easiest ways to prove your Covid-19 vaccination status. Here's how they work.

My Vaccine Pass went live today. If you register with the Ministry of Health and jump through the verification hoops, you’ll receive an email with a QR code that demonstrates your fully vaxxed status. In the near future, you’ll need this code scanned to get into many businesses and events.

Don’t send your vaccine pass (or a photo of it) to anyone, or they could use it without your knowledge. Some businesses will check photo ID along with the pass, but others won’t.

There are a few forms your pass can take. You can:

  • print it out and carry around a piece of paper

  • download it as a PDF file, or screenshot on your phone

  • connect it to your Google Pay or Apple Wallet account by following a link in the email.

A hard copy is handy when your phone’s out of battery, and an image in your camera roll is fine – but a digital wallet is the most convenient way to guarantee access to your QR code.

What is a digital wallet?

The two big digital wallets were born out of Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can save your credit and debit cards to these apps and use your phone to make tap-to-pay transactions, letting you leave your cards at home.

Digital wallets can hold much more than just credit cards. They're a great match for the My Covid Record pass because they’re extremely simple and designed to be used in a hurry. There’s little that can go wrong.

To bring up a saved QR code, simply open the wallet app and tap the name of the pass. Usually, the app will bump up your display brightness to make it easier to scan.

The alternative is opening your pass with a PDF reader or the Photos app. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not quite as foolproof – for example, these apps won’t automatically raise the brightness, bringing sun glare into play.

Digital wallets can also store one-off tickets – if you’ve flown Jetstar recently, you might’ve received your boarding pass through a wallet. You can even set up digital “keys” to unlock and start your car, if it’s new enough. The idea is that they’ll eventually replace your physical wallet completely.

They’re secure

Google Pay and Apple Pay perform all authentication and encryption on-device, so none of your information is shared (even with Google or Apple’s servers, for the most part).

The biggest risk with a digital wallet is your phone being stolen. Make sure you keep it locked when you’re not using it, and your unlock methods are secure, before you set up a wallet (if your PIN is 1234, I’m looking at you).

The government has opted for vaccine passes that hold minimal personal information – just name and age – for privacy reasons. That means even if your pass gets hacked somehow, you’re not at risk of having detailed health info, like the date and location of your jabs, stolen.

They’re even better with a smartwatch

If you have a Wear OS or watchOS smartwatch, you can access your digital wallet from your wrist. You don’t even need to pull out a phone to prove yourself to the overworked hospo worker at the door. Of course, you still need your phone to use the Covid Tracer app.

My Vaccine Pass screenshot.

Add your vaccine pass to your phone's home screen

Read our step-by-step guide to making your Covid check-in simple on both Android and iOS phones.

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22 Dec 2021
Digital wallet not always the best

One thing that no-one has mentioned: A digital wallet can NOT be used for anything unless the phone is set up with a password or similar. So the instructions for setting up the covid pass app on an android digital wallet do not work, and it's not obvious why.
I see no reason to lock my phone, as all my banking apps have their own locking arrangements and I hang the phone on a lanyard around my neck whenever I go out.

Sam G.
03 Dec 2021

For those users using a WearOS smartwatch, unfortunately the 'passes' feature of Google Pay that's used for the vaccine pass is not supported on the watch. The watch app only handles contactless credit card payment.

Paul S.
01 Dec 2021
Email my vaccine pass to a club or business

I have been asked by several clubs, to email them my vaccination pass so that I can continue to use their facilities. I'm happy to do so, but wonded if your advice about not emailing a copy of my vaccine pass to anyone, extends to clubs and businesses?

Jeremy S.
07 Dec 2021
I'm keen to hear more about this too


Judy W.
28 Nov 2021
Great instructions

The step by step instructions were very helpful

Micah A.
27 Nov 2021

Are you kidding? Adding this passport to your digital wallet is the most dangerous advice. Cancelling my membership asap. Are you all so unbelievably stupid you haven't realised what is going on yet? Here you all go willingly walking yourself into the gas chamber. You've gleefully thrown away your right to sovereignty over your own bodies and now you are giving permission for a corrupt government to dictate how you can participate in society without any conditions! Absolutely crazy how many of you are so conditioned and just plain stupid. Wow!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/9hly0nfkDPrf/

Brian L.
03 Dec 2021

You have fallen into the hole full of conspiracy theorists. For your sake I hope you escape.

W M H.
27 Nov 2021

The instruction window flicks to the next page before I have time to read and understand it

Brook W.
24 Nov 2021
Does not work on iPad

FYI iPadOS doesn't support this

Rachael D.
22 Nov 2021

I have the MoH letter in hardcopy - it states it confirms the details of my vaccination status (2 of) and lists the dates, vaccine and batch number. I assume this also mets the requirements of AIrNZ and anywhere vaccination needs to be proven. I am not acquiring the kit to have a digital wallet.

Please advise

Nick - Consumer test writer
23 Nov 2021
Re: Hardcopy

Hi Rachael,

We don't know all the legal details yet, but I don't believe that letter will be a valid form of proof.

However, you can absolutely get a hard copy of your vaccine pass, which will be valid everywhere. When you register at the My Covid Record site, the file you receive in the email can be downloaded and printed out to use as a physical pass.


James C.
20 Nov 2021
Love the Wallet on iPhone

No hassles adding it to the Wallet - just used the link provided and done. Great knowing it is in the Wallet too and Apple has great security around anything in there - even credit card numbers are not shared with the retailer when using Apple Pay so safer that using a physical credit card. Brilliant.

Glenys O.
20 Nov 2021
Great explanation of how to store a Covid Vaccine Pass

I am a committee member of SeniorNet, a NZ-wide organization sharing and learning technology with persons 55+yrs. Our Learning Centre is helping our members get their Vaccine Pass now. Many thanks for this super clear article, it reinforces what we are doing is correct and gives clear guidelines on how to store the Vaccine Pass.
Additional things we have dealt with doing this have been: 1. Setting up separate emails for couples with a joint email address. 2. Beforehand setting up access to the Covid vaccination records stored with the Ministry of Health.

Irmengard W.
21 Nov 2021
Covid vaccination pass - joint email

One way around having trouble with the same email is calling the 0800 number; they can bypass this requirement of one person/one email.

Ray S.
20 Nov 2021
iphone 12 digital wallet

After trying to download the vaccine pass several times with no luck I finally had some success. But get this, it's not in Wallet app. it's in the Books app.
Spose that will work.

Dawn C.
20 Nov 2021
Vaccine Pass

My partner has an Apple phone and has the pass loaded on phone with no hassle. I have an Android Samsung and cannot access it. Have been trying and getting so frustrated after an hour. So now I see two of us have wasted an hour of our time today.

Irmengard W.
21 Nov 2021
Android phone - Vax pass

Download it from the email attachment; no problem.

Anne B.
20 Nov 2021
Vaccine Pass - Digital Wallet

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I installed Google Pay just to have my Vaccine Pass stored there. But there were so many issues. I got onto Google Help Desk straight away and they could not sought the problem within the hour I was on the phone. What was happening was App was installed and Vaccine Pass uploaded, but could not open it at all, kept wanting a Password, which I entered, but it still did not open. Google Pay advised their was an error and they will get back to me. That was 4 days ago and still no response.

Judith C.
20 Nov 2021
Android Phone

I downloaded my vaccine passport with no hassle but had some problems with my husband’s one although we do have a different email address. I went back into My Health Account and that did the trick. Since then I have assisted several friends to get the app on their mobile phone. I think that the issues has to do with Google Pay on android mobile phones as many people do not have that app .

John P.
20 Nov 2021
Android Phone

After multiple attempts to get the vaccine pass on my Samsung I printed it out. I've laminated it, it's the size of a credit card when folded, and keep it in my wallet. I did the same with the card I received when vaccinated.

Debra G.
20 Nov 2021
Covid pass PFf

I downloaded my pass as a pdf but want to put it ony home page for radu access but don't know how. I didn't get on Google pay as I don't know anything about it

Thomas W.
20 Nov 2021
Digital Vaccine Passport

Could not have been easier to download and display on Phone Home Page.
Opens easily with fingerprint.