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Updated 22 January 2021

New World replacing “speckled” knives

Black spots on promotional Smeg knives.

Some New World customers who have picked up Smeg knives in the store’s latest promotion may find black spots on the blades.

The supermarket said it will replace the blemished knives if customers return them to the store. Whether you’ll get your replacement on the spot is another story, with the promotion coming to an end this week and the knives becoming harder to find.

Since November, New World customers have been able to collect a sticker with every $20 spent. Stickers can be put towards a Smeg knife. There are six knives “made from premium German steel” and a knife block to collect. The promotion ends on 24 January.

More than a million knives have been redeemed. New World confirmed about one percent of the knives it ordered – more than 10,000 – had spots on the blade due to overheating during manufacturing.

“We were made aware of a small number of Smeg knives having small black speckles around the etched logo on the blade,” Antoinette Laird, head of corporate affairs at Foodstuffs, said.

Laird said the black spots didn’t pose a risk to consumers and would not affect the quality of the knife.

Supermarkets would replace the knives if they had one the same available, she said. “We believe most customers who had an issue have already exchanged their knives.”

Stores removed the spotty knives from distribution when the supermarket became aware of the problem. Foodstuffs couldn’t tell us how many had already been given out to customers.

Giveaways are covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act, which says goods need to be of acceptable quality, including being acceptable in appearance and finish, and free from minor defects.

If you’ve ended up with a blemished blade, you’re entitled to a replacement. If the store can’t provide one, you should get a refund of any part-payment you made (the promotion let customers collect knives with a mix of stickers and cash).

We think it’s also reasonable to expect compensation so you can purchase a knife with similar cutting-edge quality.

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Charlie M.
27 Jan 2021
Redeemed as I went

I shop at New World every week so the Smeg knife stickers were an added bonus. As I collected enough for each one of the three knives I really wanted, I redeemed them. I never set out to get the whole set but did. I’m grateful to get something for nothing (bar $50 towards the knife block) but always knew I could miss out if stocks didn’t last.

Michelle E.
25 Jan 2021

I struggle to sympathise with those who “missed out”, these promos always generate fomo hysteria, driving people to overspend for some branded knife or whatever...if you need a knife, then just buy a knife! That would be a much more budget friendly thing to do than buying into a marketing fad! There are loads of great quality affordable knives out there!

Catherine H.
24 Jan 2021
Smeg knives

The knives were a “give away” not a purchase so expecting to receive compensation to buy a knife of similar quality should be nothing! As a customer of NW, I would certain.y not expect monetary compensation.

Viv R.
23 Jan 2021
New World Smeg knife redemption

I cannot feel sorry for people who have slightly spotted knives when I have 2 full sheets of stickers and not able to redeem them due to no more knives available. i tried to redeem them 3 weeks ago but was told that the store was waiting for more stock and to call back. Now of course there are no more available anywhere and I cannot redeem my stickers for the promised knives even though I was offered stickers with purchase as recently as yesterday (23.1.21). Do I have any rights?

James B.
23 Jan 2021
Not the first time

The last promotion for glasses was the same. I was holding books of tickets waiting for large glasses that staff said were on the way. It never happened.

This time I have three books of stickers waiting for product to arrive that was supposedly 'on the water' but that failed to eventuate as well.

I enjoy shopping at my local New World as they have the selection of products that I enjoy and nothing is too much trouble for them.

This latest debacle, just like the glasses is down to Foodstuffs head office and I put the blame squarely at the feet at the lack of planning and foresight squarely and firmly on their managements shoulders.

'Sorry' and 'while stocks last' do not cut it for me because they were still promoting and handing out stickers that were valuless until the very last moment of the promotion.

If Foodstuffs had a shred of decency and integrity, they would determine what products those left with stickers required and order additional product to satisfy those needs.

James B
23 January 2021

Peter S.
23 Jan 2021
Knife scam...a Fraudulent New World Promotion

My wife had been saving the stickers and had finally filled a book number for a “chefs knife”...yesterday ...two days prior to the promo ending ...she fronted up with her full lot of stickers for the knife only to be told by New World Whangaparoa that sorry they had no knives ...none of any sort available...and was told to go “hunting” at other New World stores to see if they had any stock.
She asked New World if you haven’t got any more knives for the promo why are they still handing out the stickers? No answer...then she asked how long have you been out of knives for the promo ? ...no definitive answer...but the operator said she hadn’t seen any for a while. This promo is New world scam promo to sucker their customers.

Alastair B.
23 Jan 2021
Knives Fiasco

Yes we went in two days before the end also. We too were told to go 'hunting' at other New World stores. The nearest ones to us are both about 1 hr drive away. We were also offered more stickers (for what??) Thanks New World! Fortunately we have a Countdown where we live so will be using that in the future.

Seems to me that each sticker is worth about $2.40 at least, given the value of the knives they quote and number of stickers required. New World needs to credit our cards with an equivalent amount in New World dollars or whatever or maybe let us use the stickers we have collected through our loyalty to NW for another promotion if they can't source more knives.

Alastair B.
23 Jan 2021
New World Knives Promotion

We went to redeem our coupons for knives yesterday only to be told there were none to be had (speckled or not). I think New World should give customers like us who missed out some other form of reward for their loyalty. They should advise customers when knives are running out...perhaps New World dollars on their cards or something similar.

Patricia O.
23 Jan 2021
Smeg Knives

I had a knife with spots on the blade earlier on, didn’t realise it was a problem. However New World replaced it without question...

Donna T.
23 Jan 2021

It was well advertised to get in quick, And the end date.

Collect as you go, min stickers with part payment. Was the best and cheapest way to go.

Amanda A.
23 Jan 2021
Full set of Stickers but no knife!

Two weeks into promotion had enough stickers for small knife!- no small Pairing Knife available! Carried on collecting for next Knife on list - none of those available! Carried on collecting - yippee got full card full if stickers! Went in Store 2 days ago to redeem - Stocks completely Spent! Im not happy as each shopping trip I went over budget to accumulate stickers as fast as I could possibly do, and I didn't end up with Diddly squat! Wheres are Consumer Rights here?