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23 April 2021

Product recalls: unsafe goods pulled from sale

Every year, more than 100 products are recalled because they’re not safe.

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James G.
24 Apr 2021
Fisher & Paykel Oven unsafe shelving.

Back in May of 2021, I had a new F&P oven fitted, before the first use I opened it up to admire. As I slid the shelf out, it literally pivoted and tipped laterally off the tracks. After multiple phone calls and emails to the manufacturer, visits from their technician agreeing there was a manufacturing problem with inherent burns risk, F&P replaced my oven. Concerned that this is a risk to other unsuspecting owners, I contacted Trading Standards to have the item reviewed for recall. The response was:

“Following this review, the committee did not consider possible lateral movement of an extended oven shelf to be a significant safety issue that the standard needed to specifically address. Apart from this query/complaint, the committee did not know of any safety accident / incident occurring in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, due to the lateral movement of an extended oven shelf. This standards committee includes both Australian and NZ Safety Regulators, leading whiteware industry representatives and other technical experts from the appliance industry.
...... the Decision of the committee is:
The committee believe the standard is adequate, taking into account the tilt of the shelves.”

My interpretation is, basically, “we will await an injury (to be reported to the safety board) before we will put in place preventative measures to safeguard against further injury”. I feel this decision is unacceptable as the onus should be to protect against possible injury, not the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ stance the committee has taken.

Annette H.
24 Apr 2021
What was the model of the F and P oven please ?

Hi I was just wondering what model this F and P oven was,
as we were considering getting a new one and would want to avoid that one.

24 Apr 2021
May 2021?

We're still in April. So you've probably put the wrong date