Most reliable heating and ventilation products

Our annual reliability survey reveals which heating and ventilation products are most reliable.

Electric heaters

Our members have once again told us if their appliances and devices – from expensive cooktops to cheap-as-chips heaters – are reliable and whether they are satisfying to own.

About our survey

We asked our members about products they’d bought new since 1 January 2014. We wanted to know the brand, the year it was bought and whether it had ever needed repair. We also asked respondents if they were satisfied with their product. Our thanks to all who participated.

We only analyse brands that got 30 or more responses in a category. For each brand, we calculate our reliability score as the percentage of its products that have never needed repair.

Where we haven’t re-surveyed a particular product, we’ve included the reliability data from surveys conducted between 2016 and 2018.

Electric heaters

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Electric blankets

Heat pumps

Smoke alarms

Total number surveyed: 902

Reliability by brand

Brand Reliability[width=medium] Satisfaction
Quell (65) 89% 63%
Orca (98) 86% 65%
First Alert (46) 86% 46%
Cavius (153) 85% 78%
AVERAGE 85% 64%
Jobmate (35) 74% 66%
Fire Angel (37) 51% 43%

Reliability by type

Type Reliability[width=medium] Satisfaction
No battery (mains-powered) (32) 99% 88%
Replaceable battery (276) 90% 55%
Sealed long-life (claiming 9 years or less)(93) 87% 59%
AVERAGE 85% 64%
Sealed long-life (claiming 10 years or more)(501) 80% 69%

Ventilation systems

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More from our survey

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More from our survey

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