Our tests tell you which appliances perform best and which are easiest to use. But they can’t tell you how well they’ll stand up to everyday use. That’s why we survey our members each year to find the brands you can rely on.

Our survey

This year we surveyed 11 different appliance types. We received 11,404 responses, which gave us information on more than 39,000 appliances. Our thanks to all who participated.

We asked members about appliances they’d bought new since 1 January 2010 – and about mobile phones they’d bought new since 1 January 2012. We wanted to know the brand of each appliance, the year it was bought and whether it had ever needed repair.

We only analyse brands that got more than 50 responses. For each brand we calculate our reliability score as the percentage of appliances that have never needed repair.

We also asked members if they were satisfied with their appliance and whether they’d recommend this brand to family and friends.

Satisfaction and reliability are different. Reliability measures how many appliances have needed repair, while satisfaction depends on the consumer’s expectations of product performance and continuing function. It is reasonable to be satisfied with a product that has needed repair.

What we found

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Clothes dryers

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Digital cameras

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Espresso machines

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Freezers, fridges & fridge-freezers

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Heat pumps

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Microwave ovens

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Mobile phones

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Set-top boxes

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Vacuum cleaners

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Wall ovens & freestanding stoves

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Washing machines

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