21sep retirement village claims hero
15 September 2021

Retirement villages’ care claims risk misleading consumers

Aged care not guaranteed despite villages’ marketing claims.

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Edie S.
20 Sep 2021
Ryman fulfilled their commitment in our case

My mother-in-law moved into a Ryman village a little over four years ago, with the understanding that she would have access to hospital level care, should this be needed later in life.
She was diagnosed with cancer in December and two weeks ago, had a fall, fracturing her hip. On her request a room in the hospital wing was made available and she moved there straight away.

Chris H.
18 Sep 2021
Most certainly is the tip of the iceberg!

I spent three years researching and interviewing residents using my own savings to fund it. There appears little support for research in this area. There are so many different stakeholders benefiting from the retirement village model. Some of the misrepresentation of Retirement Village models is subtle and some isn't. In terms of "Continuous Care" , which is one small topic in a sea of questions, one might also ask what legally constitutes "hospital care" or "hospital level care". 'Consumer' may know. Is it an onsite nurse with an offsite G.P. who can be phoned? The term 'hospital' can therefore mislead. Purchasers should know what care awaits them at the high care end of the process because they WILL likely reach it one day. Many Retirement Village models effectively provide a transitional process from fitness till death. People may be drawn by images of "independent lifestyle and security' yet once a licence to occupy is purchased and they live there, residents can be fearful of the "hospital' that lies ahead. I found many high care residents to be sequestered and many describing their financial hardship, often created by the loss of parity with market value in their 'home' and/or loss of control of their own finances and living environment. Many other accounts too that reflect the comments you've received so far, and worse.

Peter D.
18 Sep 2021
Tip Of The Iceberg

Four years of experience with high level rest home care suggests that for-profit residential care and patient welfare are uneasy bedfellows. Regulatory oversight is sketchy at best and tight margins lead to egregious lapses in care. Perhaps the non-appearance of the promised facilities is not such a bad thing, unless care standards are raised (check out Freda Love on this website, her experience isn't isolated. The same rest home treated my wife terribly at times, as have others).

Chris G.
18 Sep 2021
Age care facility failed to help in an emergency

My Parents live in a retirement village in Taupo, during the last lockdown August 2021 my mum took a bad fall. My dad used the inhouse call button and no one came .
They received a call eventually but were told to call 111 as no one from the facility was available to help. Completely let down by the support they believed was always available in times of need.