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Last updated 20 December 2019

Returns and refunds

Bought something and want to take it back? We explain your consumer rights.

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Graham T.
29 May 2021
Pat on the back for Bunnings

My bathroom extractor fan failed after four years, so I returned it to Bunnings.
Bearing in mind, that it only operates about thirty minutes max, each day.
I was first told, no replacement due to being out of warranty. I then explained, that I was claiming under the C G A, which she seemed to have no clue about, and made phone call, and I was told it would be investigated. They agreed to a replacement

30 Jun 2020
Car wrecker

I bought a shock absorber from a wrecker. When we were getting it fitted found it wasn't the right one. The wrecker has said they don't have the correct one and dont refund for incorrect purchases.

Johanna W.
21 May 2019
Spoilt Perfume

Good evening,
I purchased a bottle of 100 ml perfume direct from a store, it cost approx $160NZD. This was brand new and has been stored in upon spraying this perfume for the first time i realised it has spoilt rotten. I have retained my receipt as I do feel like given the volume (100 ml) it should last at least 3 years. Is this a valid expectations to return for a refund?
Thank you kindly.

Consumer staff
22 May 2019
Re; Spoilt Perfume

Hi Johanna,

It’s a little tricky to advise on your situation without knowing the full circumstances. If you bought the product recently you will be covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act, which states retailers and suppliers must guarantee their goods are of acceptable quality. You can find more information on your rights and what you can do here:

If you’re a Consumer member our advisers can provide more personalised advice on 0800 266 786.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Kirsten L.
18 Mar 2019
Faulty xbox controller


I bought an xbox controller less than 12 months ago from EB Games. the controller has gone faulty (won't turn on) and so we took the controller, with the receipt and box, back to EB Games to ask for a remedy. They declined taking responsibility for it. Instead they suggested we approach the manufacturer Microsoft directly. They said that because it has been longer than 6 months
(which happens to coincide with the advertised warranty period) - and that was what they considered a reasonable period to for their obligations under the CGA.

I think they are incorrect in suggesting 6 months is a reasonable period for a controller to work and would like to know what my rights are here.

Consumer staff
19 Mar 2019
Re: Faulty xbox controller

Hi Kirsten,

Unless you’ve damaged the controller in some way (people do tend to throw them when a game goes bad) it should last for at least three years.

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or a refund from EB Games. You can find more information on your rights and the process here:

If you’re a Consumer member, our advisers can provide more personalised advice on 0800 266 786.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff