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30 September 2021

Ride-share risks: when your ride goes wrong

Ride-share services rack up more complaints.

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Ralph C.
04 Oct 2021
Poor Customer Service and rubbish Apps

Since the merger (and subsequent de-merger??) of Lime and Uber I've had a number of problems

- No problems with Uber and Lime before they merged
- Last summer I used the Uber App to unlock a Lime bike (probably because I had a free unlock offer from Uber). Bike died, so I unlocked another. That didn't work. Finally after about 5 bikes to complete a 2km journey I raised a complaint requesting refunds. Even though I was invoiced by Uber I was told to raise it with Lime.
- Both Uber and Lime make it difficult to seek support
- Then I found I couldn't use the Lime app because there was a conflict between my Uber and Lime accounts using the same phone no and email.
- Ultimately my bank refunded the charges and said it wasn't worth seeking a recharge from Uber/Lime.

More lately I get phone notifications from Lime urging me to enjoy free unlocks and rides because "we want you back". If I click those notifications and use the app to unlock a ride I don't get the discount / free ride. I get prompted to enter an offer code, but don't see any such codes in the notifications. That smells like a breach of the FTA 1986 to me ("misleading or deceptive conduct" is measured by objective result not subjective intention).

Small fry stuff and hardly earth shattering, but when you add up all the small change from these deliberate or inadvertent rorts , I can see a persuasive business model by not bothering to get it right 100% or even 90% of the time.

Claims arising from these effective microtransactions are not worth the non-recoverable Disputes Tribunal fee. If the Tribunal awarded filing fees and had the discretion to award interest on money claims I think these companies would become much easier to deal with when things go wrong.

Marina L.
03 Oct 2021
ola never again

my first experience with ola resulted in deleting their app on my phone. They were so dodgy. I kept trying to book a drive mid-day Monday in Auckland to go to the airport and he kept bumping me to a higher fare because of "demand". The app allows you to see where the driver is. He kept driving around the block, making me wait another 15 minutes and I kept having to re-book him. It felt like he knew how to work the system to his benefit. I should have just taken the good ole reliable airbus.

John B.
02 Oct 2021
We should be thankful that we have Consumer.

I believe Consumer do a of of good work for the general consumer. From my experience we have some very arrogant service providers. Some, not only are they not aware (or plead so) of their obligations, but they always insist that they are right. Time and time again I hear of cases where Consumer have stepped in to advise business what their obligations are, in law.