28 January 2022

Saving for Christmas

Start saving now to take the pocket pain out of Christmas spending.

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B A S.
29 Jan 2022
New World has had a Christmas club

for ages. I seem to recall one of those hamper beginners amassed enough money to buy a $33 million mansion in Auckland. A bottle of Gin I seem to recall was $33 at the liquor shop and $74 in the hamper.

Anna C.
29 Jan 2022

If you can't actually read that - I sympathize - otherwise your other comments are assinine

mark s.
29 Jan 2022
sharpen up consumer

your comparo of the clubs is chaotic - what is wrong with listing according to value and your statement that many clubs dont offer value for money is insipid rubbish - you mean only retail clubs do - and the rest are rip-offs!!!