Should you buy a used or nearly new car?

What you need to know before you hit the car yards.

Used cars at dealership.

Buying nearly new saves a tonne of depreciation and you still get many of the new-car benefits. Going older, maybe choosing a recently arrived import, can save even more, but comes with increased risk.

Buying nearly new

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Buying used

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How old should you go?

Buying a car

Buying a car

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Buying a car

Should you buy new or used? What should you look out for when buying from a dealer, and what are you rights? We’ve tackled the big questions around buying and owning a car.

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Car reliability

Car reliability

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Car reliability

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Eric C.
04 Jul 2020
Buy cars that are electric and hybrid types.

Best car I have had in 60 years a Toyota Pryis hybrid. Had 3 three years, 30000ks. Not a problem. Has 5 years guarantee on batteries. 3 years on car.