Man inserting a third-party bag vacuum bag into vacuum cleaner.
Research report
8 September 2020

Should you use third-party vacuum cleaner bags?

Third-party bags can be cheap and easy to find, but how do you choose the right one for your vacuum? And are there any downsides to using them?

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Cathie B.
07 Oct 2020
No more FILTA bags in our Miele vacuum cleaner

We've given up using FILTA bags in our Miele Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner. The bags would detach from the hose routinely, no matter how carefully we situated them in the locating frame. Once detached, the bag compartment would fill with dust and debris. Cleaning the compartment and filters was a nightmare, usually requiring a second vacuum cleaner to do the job properly.

The correct Miele bags have never failed us.

Anny D.
15 Sep 2020
Fail of cheap bags on AEG

Tried FILTA bags in the past with my AEG at the time. Total loss of suction. Useless.

Jonathan C.
14 Sep 2020
Choose carefully

We tried some 3rd party bags on our Miele and it ended in disaster when the seal around the inlet hose leaked and filled the body and engine with dust.

Charles Lloyd
13 Sep 2020
Bags too expensive? Get a vortex device.

Bags fill up very quickly and can therefore be an appreciable expense. I bought a vortex attachment that fits on the vacuum tube ( a bit like the Dyson method) and this removes most of the dust before it gets to the bag. It can be emptied and re-attached for further use. A bag can go some months before it fills and the vortex device never wears out. I got mine from Godfreys.