Person using cordless stick vacuum cleaner in kitchen.
Research report
9 September 2020

Stick vac convenience comes at a cost

Our survey shows that cordless batteries aren't lasting more than a few years.

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Michael C.
24 Oct 2020
Dyson reliability and performance

With the poor reliability I've experienced with my V6 as well as its noise, short battery life and cleaning difficulty I will never buy another Dyson product again.

I now use a $27 Bissell carpet sweeper for most quick cleaning of both hard floors and carpets and only use the Dyson occasionally for carpets and for ceilings, walls and car cleaning.

Gretchen B.
08 Jun 2021
Hate my Dyson

My V12 Absolute Dyson 2019 is fantastic when it goes but stopped working 6 times in 2 years . Dyson says block filters are my fault - they are internal , a you tube shows how to keep clean - you need to be a mechanic.
I keep the top filter & canister immaculate at all times .
Dyson head office in Auckland refuse to refund my money or replace , they say my contract is with Noel Leeming in Palmerston North where I bought it . The manager there says it’s my fault because of dirty internal filters .... a former Dyson repair man says is a design fault with them.
My one is not fit for purpose .
They should replace or give refund .
Never ever would I buy another Dyson Stick nor anything from Noel Leeming

Frank - Consumer staff
10 Jun 2021
Re: Hate my Dyson

Hi Gretchen,

The V12 was released just a few weeks ago, but depending on what model you actually have, from about 2018 onwards the filter is super easy to clean and doesn’t have an internal filter, so that shouldn’t be the case. If you've got an earlier model with internal filters that aren’t easily cleaned, then the Consumer Guarantees Act should cover you as you shouldn’t have to be a mechanic to keep your vacuum working!

Kind regards
Frank - Consumer NZ staff