Research report
6 July 2017


Our test of well-known brands found you don’t need to shell out top dollar for a decent pair of tights.

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Previous member
27 Jul 2017
Have you heard of Heist stockings?

I honestly think everyone needs to know about them - they are so much more comfortable, and (so far) have also proven to being resistant to ladders and other damage.

It would be amazing to include them in the test, because from an individual consumer POV, I've got only good things to say about them (now that I've forgotten how much I paid!)

Previous member
28 Jul 2017
Re: Have you heard of Heist stockings?

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your feedback. We chose stockings that are readily available in New Zealand department stores and supermarkets, and it looks like British brand Heist is online only. We’ll keep them in mind for a future test.

Kind regards,
Olivia - Consumer NZ writer

Previous member
06 Aug 2018
Update on my Heists

Today I am wearing the very first pair of Heists that I bought nearly two years ago. Since then, they have expanded their range and have seven different shades of "nude" as well as a range of thicknesses.

I stand by my comment that these stockings have resisted all ladders or pulls (and I own two cats!) and no pilling to be seen.

They are a pricy up front investment, but worth it. I have no reason to believe these tights won't last another 2+ years.

Michele M.
09 Jul 2017
test finer tights

Thanks for this report. I think it would be helpful to test finer stockings also. Not just the thicker opaque type.

Previous member
10 Jul 2017
Re: test finer tights

Hi Michele,

Thanks for your suggestion — we’ll keep it in mind for a future trial.

Kind regards,
Olivia - Consumer NZ writer