Smile showing before and after of teeth whitening.
Research report
3 April 2020

How effective are teeth whiteners?

Can teeth-whitening products really deliver pearly whites?

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Stephanie F.
30 Sep 2021
Cost of Dentistry

I agree with other comments from readers. Let’s have an article on the actual cost of dentistry versus what we’re charged. The costs are out of control. I am well paid and I struggle to manage these costs. I have no idea how less well resourced families cope

claudine c.
04 Apr 2020
rip off

I agree totally withStephanie. It would be interesting to have an investigation about the exact price of different elements of dentistry .
They charge a lot too much. and we are fully dependant of them .There should be a basic price for example :decay or canal root decided by gouvernment .

David M.
09 May 2020
Not a rip-off

I am not a dentist, but I am aware of some of the heavy costs they bear, both in capital outlay for expensive equipment and from compliance with the practices required to protect the health and well-being of their patients, their staff, themselves and the environment - all without the government support available to other health care providers. I agree that dental treatment should be regarded as a right on the same basis as other medical care, but to date that hasn't been the view of government.

Stephanie F.
04 Apr 2020
But what about the Dentists monopoly?

I find it interesting that essentially nothing is safe or effective unless approved or used by a dentist, usually at huge cost. Dentists are already making massive amounts of money at consumers expense. I would be interested in an article on the actual cost of dentistry compared to the huge fees charged. It is criminal. This is not tall poppy syndrome but dentistry should be a basic right not a rip off

09 May 2020

I def would like to see an actual cost of dental treatment as opposed to what is being charged. Same with the out of control health insurers!