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1 March 2024

The top 10 pages on our website in 2023

We thought it could be interesting to share our most popular pages from last year. Here’s what your fellow Consumer readers were looking at the most in 2023.

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1. Laundry detergents

The cost of laundry detergent over a year really adds up, so we get it – you want to make sure the one you’re putting in the trolley will do the job. Those who checked out the test results would have seen there’s one brand that outperforms the rest. 

2. Washing machines

High five to those who realised it’s a good idea to check our test results to make sure you’re getting one of the best models before you part with such a large amount of money. 

3. Sunscreens

There’s more at stake than just your money when you make this purchase, so it’s no surprise our info on sunscreens is popular with New Zealanders. We used to test them, but we didn’t need to this summer because sunscreens are now regulated and have to be independently tested. We made a database instead so you can check which testing lab the company used and how long ago it was tested.  

4. Air fryers

You might be surprised to see air fryers in the top 10, but we’re not – it’s been one of our most popular pages for years. Those who checked would have been rewarded with the knowledge one of the best is also one of the cheapest. 

5. Electric and hybrid cars

When you’re planning to part with thousands of dollars it only makes sense to check how your potential purchase rates in our list of 88 vehicles.

6. Stick vacuum cleaners

Our stick vacuum test results are now more popular than our standard vacuum test results. Makes sense – some of those stick vacs by Dyson, LG and Samsung cost more than $1,500 so it’s only sensible to do a quick check to make sure we rate it highly before you buy.  

7. Fridges

We’re constantly adding new fridges as we test them throughout the year. At the moment we’ve got results for a $519 Kogan up to a $20,349 Miele.

8. Dishwashers

The clever people who checked out our dishwasher test results would have seen there’s two brands that make the best models.  

9. Travel insurance

Travel was back, but there was still the risk of Covid scuppering plans in 2023. Our travel insurance comparison lets you compare the cost of policies and what protection you’ll get.

10. Standard vacuums

If you’re buying a standard vac, you want to know it gets the job done without any drama. Of the 55 we have test results for, just 15 get our recommendation.

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