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16 April 2014

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28 May 2020
Cancellation of travel due to Covid

I have requested Travel Advocates, a subsidiary of House of Travel, to cancel my bookings in August 2020 for a Scandinavian tour and accommodation.
As the tour company has not cancelled their tour yet, the agent is proposing to charge 10% of the gross payment before loss of deposit fees to the hotel and to the tour company.
This was not a holiday that required much input from the agent and the fee is unreasonable in the circumstances.
I understand the Flight Centre has decided to not charge their 10% for travel that had to be cancelled because of the virus.
Has any other member experienced this and has there been any initiative to take any class action against these travel companies?

Abbi W.
10 Jun 2020
Same issue with HOT

Hi Barry,
People I know have had exactly the same problem, it would be good to understand where you ended up with HOT!

Lainey C.
01 Jul 2017
Traavel agents ramping up costs

hi a friend and I have just 'used' Flight Centre for our holiday in Bali. We have a number of small 'complaints which we wonder are due to them not being paid - only getting commission on their bookings? They: booked me insurance I didnt want at twice the price I gained insurance on line; they quoted prices for tours and transfers higher than their own booklet; they failed to tell us about departure tax from Bali; they didnt/couldnt book us seats on the flights. I wonder how they compare to other travel agents?

Celeste D.
13 Nov 2019

I've had similar issues with Flight Centre. I recently booked tickets with Flight Centre to India. Due to circumstances outside of my control, I have to cancel my flights. I was told the cancellation fee was $200, but its actually $1000. I've paid in full but still haven't received any booking details, or a copy of the terms and conditions. Flight Centre state they have fulfilled their contractual obligations as I "should have known".