9 February 2022

What is personalised pricing?

We explain personalised pricing and why you should care about it.

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Maurice V.
13 Feb 2022
Don't tell.

Agree with Peter L.
I limit my use of web-sites with cookies to those deemed necessary and avoid others.
Bought a microwave oven a few years ago, from a chain retailer, and was asked for name, telephone no., e-mail address, etc. Was told that they 'needed it for the register'. Said to put Joe 90 as the customer and was prepared to leave the item, rather than disclose personal information unnecessarily. I don't want a personal relationship with retailers and would expect to see them again only if the item was faulty, or when I needed something. I keep receipts.
Ironic that Consumer uses cookies for its podcasts?

Peter L.
12 Feb 2022
Another argument for anonymity online

A lot of personal data is vacuumed up and traded from our personal use of the Internet and social media platforms. Personalised pricing is just another argument for ensuring we stay as anonymous as possible online, for example;
1) By using a VPN to hide your location.
2) By using a privacy-focussed Web browser like Mozilla Firefox.
3) By disabling 3rd-party cookies in your browser.
4) By avoiding platforms like Facebook, that make their very living by selling your online activity data.
5) By lying about your age when signing up for sites where there is no real need for the site to know your age (except for personal profiling reasons).
6) By NOT logging in to sites with Facebook or Google.
7) And I'm sure there are other measures I've forgotten.

Andrew O.
12 Feb 2022
Is it Legal?

So far as I understood the Human Rights Act, any discrimination based on a variety of factors is not allowed in public settings. Age is one of them.

I understand how a "different" service could have a different price - but surely there is a clear breach of the Human RIghts Act with the Tinder example.

I can also see several slippery slopes if data gathering strayed too much into the areas of any of the other areas that are classed as discrimination.

If the Act does not define services on the Internet as "shops" then it is time that Consumer started lobbying for changes to the Act.

Andy C.
12 Feb 2022
Fairly standard

It is quite normal to have different prices for different age groups - children, students, gold card holders often get more favourable pricing. The difference here is that the corporate entity is deciding to include additional generic price groups - over and under 30's.
The next step will be for the corporate entity to use big data to match the price to what it thinks you can personally afford based on your other online activities. Then it will start to get creepy!

Manu C.
12 Feb 2022
Personalise pizza prices

I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut last week. In addition to a delivery fee the pizzas seemed to be more expensive if they were to be delivered compared to being picked up. Has Consumer looked into this situation?

Angela D.
12 Feb 2022
Pizza Pricing

The difference in pricing for pizza delivery - more expensive - simply reflects the cost of it being delivered to your door. The pizza delivery driver is paid $7-8 per delivery and that cost is added to your pizza. User pays!