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20 October 2023

What not to buy at Kmart

Anyone who has walked into Kmart for one thing and walked out with a bunch of extras knows there’s a lot of bargains to be found. But not everything with Kmart’s Anko brand on it is gold! Our testing has found some are duds.

Here are some Kmart products to avoid:

1. Anko 9L Twin Air Fryer $149

Anko air fryer

This air fryer has the lowest score out of the 31 we’ve tested. It was easy to use and did a good job on chicken wings and roast pork, but was poor at cooking frozen thick-cut chips. It’s not terrible but there are models from other brands that cost about the same and are much better.

2. Anko 1.2L Food Processor $69

Anko food processor

Our testing team made a long list of things they didn’t like about using this food processor, although they thought it did an excellent job of chopping and emulsifying. We think you’d be better to spend just $10 more on one that’s available at The Warehouse.

3. Anko Cordless Stick Vacuum $189

Anko cordless vacuum

We’ve got test results for 40 stick vacs at the moment and this one gets the worst score. There are actually cheaper vacs on Kmart’s shelves that score higher.

4. Anko 24cm Aluminium 3 Layer Non-Stick Frypan – Stone Grey $21

Anko frypan

Not many products get our “Don’t Buy” label – but this frying pan did so badly in the test kitchen we thought it deserved it. Its surface durability was terrible and it didn’t cook evenly.

What’s good at Kmart?

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