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10 March 2023

Where’s the cheapest fuel in New Zealand?

The Commerce Commission puts the spotlight on fuel prices.

Consumers in Wellington, Porirua and Lower Hutt have been paying more for fuel than the rest of New Zealand, while those in Christchurch enjoy the cheapest prices.

Image of petrol prices

The Commerce Commission released its second quarterly report on our fuel markets and found consumers in the capital paid more on average for regular unleaded 91, premium, and diesel.

Though Wellingtonians are only paying a matter of cents more than the rest of the country on average, it adds up when compared to the cheapest prices.

Consumers in Christchurch got the best deals for both 91 and premium petrol. Regular 91 was 7¢ per litre cheaper and premium was 15¢ cheaper than in Wellington.

Tauranga had the cheapest diesel at 8¢ per litre less than the rest of the country.

The report also revealed that fuel discounts didn’t always lead to the lowest prices, with discounted prices sometimes being higher than prices at retailers without discounts.

Aucklanders experienced the highest price variations between its most expensive and least expensive sites in the country. Prices varied by 22¢ per litre for 91, 29¢ for premium and 31¢ for diesel.

Commission Chair John Small said the variations in price around the country were “likely due to several factors, including levels of competition, the capital or operating costs of sites and consumer behaviour.”

Aucklanders stood to save as much as $264 for regular 91 if they shopped around, and apps like Gaspy, a fuel price comparison tool, could help all consumers take advantage of price variations.

“If consumers more actively shop around, competition is likely to increase amongst suppliers to help drive down prices,” Small said.

Want to pay less for fuel but don’t live in Christchurch? Check out our tips on different ways to reduce your fuel bill.

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