Row of AA batteries.
Product review
November 2021

Disposable AA batteries

We tested 15 models of 1.5V disposable AA batteries to see which lasted longest.

November 2021


Extra Heavy Duty

Prices are what we paid per battery.
Don't buy

We don't recommend any carbon zinc batteries because alkaline and lithium perform considerably better and have longer shelf lives. The Panasonic Extra Heavy Duty performs terribly across the board in comparison. In addition, many of the alkaline batteries we tested were cheaper to buy than the Panasonic Extra Heavy Duty.

Test results

  • 26
    Performance (low-drain)
  • 12
    Performance (high-drain)
  • 25
    Energy (low-drain)
  • 10
    Energy (high-drain)

Good points

No obvious good points.

Bad points

  • Terrible low- and high-drain performance.
  • Terrible low- and high-drain endurance.
  • Terrible low- and high-drain energy.
  • Poor shelf life.


  • Price ($)


  • Type

    Carbon Zinc


  • Time to fully discharge (low-drain) (hrs:mins)


  • Time to fully discharge (high-drain) (hrs:mins)


  • Expected shelf life

    3 years

More info

  • Availability

    Available at Countdown, PB Tech, JB Hi-Fi.

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