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    How we test

    Overall score is comprised of:

    Protection (65%) . This includes:

    On-access scan: incorporates a web test assessing the software’s ability to prevent an infection coming from the internet and a USB scenario (performed both online and offline) evaluating the ability of the software to prevent an infection coming from an external drive. It also assesses how well the software detects and blocks phishing and ransomware attacks. Our macOS security software test differs from our Windows test as we couldn’t find an instance of a website infected with malware targeting Macs. For this reason, our live web test and ransomware test aren’t run on the Mac security software.

    On-demand scan: evaluates the detection of malware from an on-demand (scheduled or user-initiated) scan with a large collection of different types of malware while offline, on connected cloud storage, and as malware is running. We also look at how well the software detects malware targeting different operating systems including Windows, Mac and Android.

    Ease of use (25%): assesses installation, configuration and normal day-to-day use of the software, as well as clarity/simplicity of the user interface. We also look at the available user help, such as guidance, help menu and options, and updating the software.

    System impact (10%): assesses the software’s use of disk space and memory, plus its effect on boot time and common tasks such as program launch and use, file use, copying and conversion.

    Prices are from a January 2019 survey.

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