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The Consumer Tick

Take the guesswork out of your next buy with the Consumer Tick and you’ll save time and money.

Why trust the Tick?

Our independent experts research thousands of products and services to only recommend the best. We assess product performance, reliability, efficiency, customer satisfaction and much more, so you can confidently buy right the first time.

  • 1000s of expert lab tests

    1000s of expert lab tests

  • Trusted for over 60 years

    Trusted for over 60 years

  • 100% indepedent

    100% independent

So when you're on the hunt for your next purchase, choose the Consumer Tick.

Where can you find the Consumer Tick?

You can easily find and compare top-performing product and services on our website. Just look for the ones marked with People’s Choice, Recommended and Top Brand to know you’re buying the best. You can also look out for those businesses and brands that proudly display their Consumer Tick in-store or online, including the highly-prized Consumer Trusted award.

Consumer Recommends.

Consumer Recommends

These best-in-class products have excelled in our independent testing, so you know you’re buying the best. Read more about the Consumer Recommends Tick.

In the market for something new?

See which products have the Consumer Recommends Tick with our top product tests and reviews.

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Consumer Trusted.

Consumer Trusted

To earn our most coveted tick, Consumer Trusted businesses go above and beyond for their customers. Our strict Code of Conduct and annual independent audits mean you’re dealing with a market-leading business. Read more about the Consumer Trusted Tick.

Which brands have met our Code of Conduct?

See which brands have the Consumer Trusted Tick.

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People's Choice.

Consumer People's Choice

The businesses that New Zealanders love! These companies deliver excellent customer satisfaction based on our independent surveys of consumers just like you. Read more about the Consumer People’s Choice Tick.

Which brands have the most satisfied customers?

See which brands have the Consumer People’s Choice Tick in our latest consumer satisfaction surveys.

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