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Updated 5 February 2021

Our guide to Air NZ credits and refunds

What you need to know about getting credits and refunds from Air New Zealand.

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Joanne W.
13 Feb 2021
I received a refund back in March

I was supposed to fly Auckland/Melbourne/Hobart/Brisbane/Auckland in March 2020 but 10 days before I was to fly I sensed that there was going to be border closures in Australia. I rang Air New Zealand and they were very helpful and I received a full refund apart from the seat selection fee. I was very happy with the outcome.
Friends have lost thousands of dollars from airlines overseas

Helen C.
22 Dec 2020
Thank you Consumer

I repeatedly got obfuscation from Air New Zealand when I tried to get clarity around credits via Webjet. Sure, Webjet wasn't that helpful but Air New Zealand washed its hands of us completely. Disgraceful way to treat customers. I still don't have a seat select refund.
Great that Consumer has picked this up as an issue. Keep the pressure on!

Jw & JP H.
14 Sep 2020

I have been corresponding with AIRNZ via WhatsApp and we had to cancel our flight to Brisbane back in April. Now our family is coming home to live in NZ so we wont be travelling back to Australia. We are both in our 70's and have an orchard so can't do the quarantine time anyway. I asked if I could transfer our credit to our daughter and help with their trip home, but they said it had to be a booking in the name of the person/persons on the credit.. Can you offer any advice please.. the family booked this last Saturday and have since paid for their own airfare. It would be so nice if I could have that money refunded from AIRNZ and forward to them to help with other expenses.. Any advice would be helpful. Kind regards - Jill

Richard T.
22 Dec 2020
Nasty Airline

Everyone should try not to use this airline wherever possible.
They do NOT reflect NZ values and have a cruel self serving approach to customer relations.
They are a nasty bunch and complete waste of time.