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19 October 2023

Have you remembered to clean these 8 filters?

We can’t promise it’ll be fun, but the results will be satisfying.

It’s that time of year when the spring sunshine shows up all those housework jobs we’ve neglected over winter. But as we work through our to-do lists, the many filters hiding around the house can get overlooked.

Taking the time to give filters a clean will give your appliances a boost and have you wondering why you didn’t do it earlier. Here’s a checklist of filters to make your way through

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1. Heat pump filters

The most satisfying of all – the heat pump filter. It’s so easy to do! Just slide the filters out of the indoor unit and use your vacuum’s brush attachment or nozzle to get them looking clear again. When you turn the heat pump back on, you’ll notice the difference and your power bill might too. You can check out our guide to cleaning a heat pump for more detailed instructions.

2. Vacuum filters

Your vacuum will have a filter – sometimes two. If you don’t clean them regularly you might find the suction isn’t good or the motor cuts out. The filter might be the type that needs replacing with a new one or a part that just needs to be rinsed and dried. Your manual will tell you where they are and how to clean them.

3. Dehumidifier filters

After a winter of removing moisture from the air, the filter inside your dehumidifier is probably clogged with dust. Consult your manual to work out how to get to it, then give it a vacuum if you can or a wipe.

4. Dishwasher filter

It’s a bit ick, and it’s not even that satisfying unless your filter is disgustingly clogged and your dishes aren’t coming out clean. But it must be done to keep your dishwasher working and prevent issues. Give the filter a scrub with a brush and hot soapy water. We’ve put together a page of advice on keeping your whole dishwasher sparkling if you don’t want to stop at the filter.

5. Dryer filters

Hopefully you’re cleaning this one regularly, because a clogged dryer filter forces your dryer to work hard, which costs more in power and is also a fire risk. Give the area where the filter goes a good clean out too. And remember, condenser and heat pump dryers can have an extra filter to clean out too!

6. Washing machine filters

This is a job that mainly affects owners of front loaders. There’s a drain pump that lives behind the hatch on the bottom right of your machine – it catches those little things that mistakenly go through the wash. It’s easy to clean out when you know how. The inlet filter is a bit trickier to clean, as you have to pull the machine out from the wall. Top loaders sometimes have a lint filter inside the central agitator or on the wall of the drum that needs cleaning – your manual will tell you.

We’ve just published a guide on how to maintain a washing machine, including cleaning the filters.

7. Espresso machine filters

Even your coffee machine is likely to have a filter that needs your regular attention. It’s a water filter and will need replacing every few months or yearly – depending how hard your water is. We’ve got a brand-new guide to cleaning your espresso machine if you need more info.

8. Rangehood filters

We saved the worst to last. The build up of greasy grime might have put you off tackling this job. But cleaning those metal filters isn’t actually that bad – they can usually just go in the dishwasher.

Recirculating models will have a carbon or charcoal filter that needs replacing every 3 to 6 months.

What have we forgotten? Are there any other filters you have to regularly clean? Let us know in the comments.

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