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12 October 2020

How to make your stick vac battery last longer

How to find out if your stick vac battery sucks, and what you can do about it.

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26 Mar 2022
Makita stick vacuum cleaner

I've had this little beauty for 4 years. I use it nearly every day. The battery lasts about 6 month between charges. It does an efficient job of cleaning small spots. It's easy to empty. It stores on a bracket on the wall.

Peter H.
18 Oct 2020
Save money by repairing batteries

Most Li-Ion battery cartridges contain standard cells that can be replaced, without having to buy the whole expensive cartridge. Opening the plastic casing can be a challenge, but in some cities there are people who specialise in replacing failed cells. Not only for vacs, but power tools, laptops, etc.

For those of us handy with tools like soldering irons the internet is full of tutorials for various gadgets.