Four food fads to question
Research report
14 May 2021

Four food fads to question

"Collagen-infused drinks". "Grass-fed beef". We lift the lid on the latest claims.

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Francis T.
15 May 2021

Consumer continues to demonize saturated fat despite mounting mainstream evidence to the contrary. Obsolete and misleading advice. Also takes issue with industry supported studies yet almost all pharmaceutical produce the same industry studies but are some how free from corruption and bias?

Julie M.
15 May 2021
Collagen creamer

After numerous surgeries I suffer from joint pain, especially in the morning when I wake up . I have been using collagen creamer once a day for the past 6 months and find that it does help. I wake up with no pain and can move more freely. Maybe it’s all in my head, but as long as I feel ok I’ll keep using it.

Sharron C.
15 May 2021
Collagen capsules

I take marine collagen capsules daily, for joint health , on the advice of my osteopath. They have definitely helped my joint pain . I guess they are considerably stronger than a food additive.