Woman and nurse with medical alarm
Research report
31 January 2018

Medical alarms

We compare prices offered by 5 accredited suppliers, plus look at complaints about sales tactics.

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mark s.
28 Oct 2019
consumer misses the point

the point about base and pendant is that these only assist around your residence -- others, as provided by Red Wolf, operate like a cellphone and work anywhere there is coverage - in their case vodafone - much safer.

the point is how effective is the monitoring? thats the test.

Previous member
28 Mar 2018
environmental sustainability and socially responsible info

I would like info, not just price, but how environmental the products are and whether ethically producted. eg biodegradable, able to upgrade/get part, last for years guaranteed, no slave labour, no plastic . ie eco info

Elizabeth R.
03 Feb 2018
Cold calls

I have regularly had phone calls trying to sell a medical alarm ... didn't know this is against their conditions for accreditation. Good to know!