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3 August 2017

Rest homes

Inadequate staffing continues to be a major issue in rest homes where shortfalls are found. We’ve looked into auditing requirements and provide free advice on choosing a rest home.

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Previous member
04 Jan 2019
Return rest home care to the DHBs umbrella of responsibility.

I would recommend privatisation of older health care be abolished. Residents were cared for better when they were under the district health boards. Nurses etc paid the same as nurses etc in public hospitals. These older people were people who had full, active and contributing lives and need to be treated with respect.

Robert L.
21 Aug 2018
The Government needs to look closely at Waikato DHB and Bupa.

An unannounced audit in June found many serious failures and problems at the St Kilda Care Home to be on-going from 2016/17.

It should be alarming that it took the DHB this long to call for the audit. Why did the mistreatment and abuse that took place in Bupa St Kilda during 2016 and 2017 not triggered unannounced audits over 18 months ago?

There can be no doubt that had I, with the support of Consumer not persisted with our concerns the June audit would not have been undertaken. The reluctance on the part of the DHB is in itself very concerning.

The audit in June found many issues to be seriously wrong at Bupa St Kilda while highlighting the inadequacy of scheduled certification audits which are announced, expected and prepared for, by the Care Home owners. All audits, to be meaningful, should be unannounced.

What is also deeply troubling is the manner in which both the DHB and Bupa have misrepresented this audit in June. Press statements made by both organizations on this matter are factually incorrect and misleading. There is something rotten in the state of Waikato.

Tracey O.
17 Aug 2018
False advertising on St Kilda website

I don't understand how the website for this care home can still state 'St Kilda's boasts an exceptional audit record with the Miinistry of Health'! Unless by 'exceptional' they mean exceptionally poor? It's disappointing to say the very least, and very sad, that there remain outstanding issues